Practical information

When booking, we will tell you the equipment must have your vehicle to be able to carry the unit you want to rent. The following information is displayed for information purposes only. Each unit is different and vehicle, the equipment required can vary and, therefore, should be checked by our staff.

Necessary equipment for towed vehicle

Tent trailers

Trailer hitch can take approximately 2000 pds.2 inches ball.You need a 4 flat plug connectors installed properly

Trailers and hybrid

Trailer hitch can pull 3,500 pounds or more by weight of units desired. 2 inches ball (2 5/16 Palomino model S-17). A 7 round plug connectors (plug 5-7) is required. You need an electronic brake control installed corrrectly.Il is also necessary to have extensions mirrors at least the driver's side (recommended on both sides).

Towing capacity

Vérifiez auprès de votre concessionnaire la capacité de remorquage de votre véhicule. Certains véhicules nécessitent des modifications additionnelles pour pouvoir tirer des charges. N'oubliez pas de préciser le modèle et l'année du véhicule car les spécifications changent souvent d'une année à l'autre. Un refroidisseur d'huile est normalement nécessaire si vous avez une transmission automatique pour tirer des charges lourdes.

Height of trailer hitches

For Aliner campers and the height of the bracket between 11 and 12 inches. For trailers and trailer hybrid, the height of the bracket between 13 and 14 inches. It is important that the height of the trailer hitch of your vehicle is neither higher nor lower than the tow vehicle to prevent sloshing of the vehicle or it is released. Learn from one of our advisor.


Learn from our consultants if you want to rent a vehicle for the winter season.